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    About Us And What We Can Do For You

    General Systems Mission is to be the leader in its class. To be seen by our customers as the preferred number one third-party Systems Support and systems supply company. This objective will be achieved through Excellence and Quality in our three fields of operation notably Computer Engineering, Business Continuity and Product Sales. Being third-party means we are independent of individual manufacturers and are therefore customer orientated.

    Our three business units must meet the needs of our customers and markets as well as reach and maintain industry-leading performance. They must also create added value in order to sustain their own growth and achieve superior level of return for the stakeholders/owners. We also strive to adhere to credit terms agreed with our subcontractors and suppliers and expect similar commitment from our clients.

    General Systems Keeps abreast of Market trends to provide, in a timely manner, top quality products and services at the best price/quality ratio.

    General Systems distinguishes itself by a high level of technical expertise and by technical and administrative innovation, constantly striving towards new products and services by always keeping an open mind for a fresh approach and new ideas.

    Having developed over the last ten years we are proud of our staff and recognise their valuable contribution. The company’s success is based on their sense of professionalism, commitment and team spirit. This we believe improves its performance and fosters quality of life in the workplace.

    General Systems endeavours to create a satisfying and stimulating work environment. It promotes staff development and growth through its management policies, training and enhancement programs.

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